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Delhi University’s GM Mustard: Learn More Here


The Coalition for a GM-Free India, after putting out a Briefing Paper on Delhi University’s GM Mustard in June 2015 has now revised it based on RTI information received. You can download a Revised Briefing Paper (July 2015) in english here. A hindi version of the briefing paper is available here: दिल्ली विश्वविद्यालय का जीन संवर्धित सरसों hindi pdfAn abridged Odiya version is downloadable here. The Gujarati version of the Briefing Paper can be downloaded here. The Punjabi version of the Briefing Paper is available here. A Malayalam version is present here.


25 REASONS TO SAY NO TO GM MUSTARD! (English). Here is the Hindi version.

A Telugu Note on GM mustard is available here.

A note on 25 reasons to say NO to GM mustard in TAMIL is available here.

Kannada version of this note is present here.

Note giving 25 reasons to say NO to GM mustard, in Odiya, is available here.

The Bengali version is here.

A Punjabi version is present here.

An article by Dr Devinder Sharma on “Why Does India Need GM Mustard At All” is here.

A Gujarati piece called “Approval to GM mustard is Approval to Bad Science” is present here.


Posters in English and Hindi related to GM mustard can be accessed here.

Some Gujarati materials are here.

Kannada posters are available here.


An english 2-pager on “10 Reasons to Say NO to GM Mustard” is downloadable here.

Hindi leaflet is downloadable here.

A smaller note on our objections to GM mustard in Tamil is downloadable here.

Gujarati version is available here.

Telugu pamphlet can be downloaded here.

A Telugu article in Andhra Jyoti is available here.

Bangla note on why GM mustard should be rejected is present here.

A Malayalam article on GM mustard is available here.

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2nd edition of compilation of scientific evidence on transgenics’ adverse impacts


The debate around GMOs in our food, farming and environment has only
been increasing over time, whether it is in policy circles or in the scientific world, or
as a public debate. The “Coalition for a GM-Free India” has been actively involved
in generating an informed debate in India on the various facets of GM crops. Very
often, there are questions on whether the debate is based on scientific evidence or
not. This prompted us to create a compilation of hundreds of references of published
scientific papers that point to various adverse impacts of Genetically Modified (GM)
crops and foods in April 2013. As expected, this pioneering initiative has helped in
furthering the evidence-based debate in India with stakeholders across various
sectors getting an opportunity to see the availability of scientific evidence on
numerous fronts.

Needless to say, the implications of this living, irreversible technology have to
be understood on different fronts (as much as possible, because there is also a
severe dearth of research, that too on long term implications and from independent
sources) by policy makers and individual citizens before GMOs (Genetically Modified
Organisms) are released into the environment, given that such deployment would
take place on a large scale in agriculture. The need to be cautious about agricultural
technologies cannot be over-emphasised given that most land is put under
agriculture, most people in India are linked to agriculture for their main livelihood
and that all of us consume food from agriculture to keep ourselves alive and healthy.
This Second Edition of the compilation has more studies added to the
collection. The compilation presents evidence available on specific fronts like
molecular level instability and unpredictability induced by the process of GE; health
implications flowing out of individual genes used as well as the GMO and also
because of the chemicals used along with particular GMOs; environmental
implications in terms of impacts on biodiversity, soil, on pests and diseases, impacts
on non-target organisms, creation of “super weeds” etc. Some of the studies which
have looked at yield myths related to GM crops have also been included. Further,
studies that have looked at regulation and suggested improvements in biosafety
assessment regimes are part of this compilation. Ethical and Socio-Economic
implications of GMOs including strengthening of seed monopolies into the hands
of a few multinational corporations are also covered in a few studies presented
here. This is by no means an exhaustive compilation, but is only illustrative.
We hope that this compilation compels sceptics to appreciate the overwhelming
evidence that already exists against this technology. We also hope that our scientists
and regulators will undertake assessments that consist of sound protocols and
designs so that early warnings can be captured for appropriate decision-making.

– Coalition for a GM-Free India
November, 2013

THE writing essay online service Fundamental Attributes OF NARCISSISTIC Individuality Disorder

The Narcissistic Identity writing essay online service Dysfunction (NPD) defines a mental problem that leads to personal engrossment with particular demands, wishes, and wants. As reported by the American Psychological Association (APA)’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual writing essay online service of Mental Ailments (DSM-IV-TR), this condition influences an individual’s feelings, imagining, beliefs, passion, and social interactions in ways in which distresses them. The dysfunction will get labeled in ‘Cluster B’ along with the Delinquent Persona Ailment (APD), Histrionic Character Problem (HPD), and Borderline Persona Ailment (BPD). These ailments are often described writing essay online service as erratic, remarkable, and psychological. Starting in early childhood, NPD is caused by organic, genetic, social, and psychological issues, and benefits in enhanced feelings of specialty, self-importance, really need for appreciation, and abnormal preoccupation with brilliance and idealness.

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E-Commerce buy essays uk: its Enhancement and Long term Perspectives

Electronic commerce (E-commerce) buy essays uk defines a range of routines and transactions performed more than cyberspace and also other digital networks to facilitate enterprise buy essays uk actions. The first function of E-commerce may be to aid the product sales and buys of goods and providers. The key difference between E-commerce together with a classical venture way buy essays uk problems the point that E-commerce majorly relies upon on networks as opposed to physical suppliers (Stair, 2011). Consequently, persons use their phones and computer systems in places of work and homes to see merchandise, inquire about them, bargain on price ranges, make orders, outcome payments, and wait around for your shipping with the buy essays uk ordered goods. In situations wherever involved programs are software-based, patrons can at once progress to get and use them (Wright, 2013). Thanks to positive aspects buy essays uk of expense usefulness, enhanced productiveness, greater profit margins, comfort, and entry to a limiteless number of methods, E-commerce will keep going to realize acceptance amongst governments, traders and online business buy essays uk establishments.

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The process of professional writing service Expanding a company right into a New Nation

Small business professional writing service expansion features enterprises with large possibilities professional writing service along with complicated challenges. World wide growth is now a prevalent and popular strategic response to intercontinental economy professional writing service dynamics for a multitude of of firms. The achievement belonging to the growth strategy relies upon on lots of entry and cooperative practices. It can be as a result professional writing service important and vital to the staff to formulate suitable enlargement techniques so as to achieve an appropriate and productive existence professional writing service from buy essays uk the international market. On the other hand, this process necessitates adventure, tolerance and sensible choice doing. Most professional writing service prosperous vendors realize it needs the validated tactic that combines good quality details, predictive styles, and also know the way to utilise them appropriately professional writing service (Kourdi, 2012). To increase properly, an organization should rent area staff, decide a suitable technologies, and choose an applicable market they can access professional writing service with ease.

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Xmas – an paper writing help old tradition that ought to be held or large online business for that community

Xmas is not the time for paper writing help business pursuits. The Lord Jesus formed it plain commercialism has no location in the church when he ejected within the temple funds changers and those paper writing help advertising animals for sacrifice. Nonetheless, Christmas is considered the most significant professional time worldwide in these days! paper writing help And no-one may even think trying to alter this development!

All those benefitting are paper writing help meals and cosmetics industries, resorts, decorators, house renovators, and lots of further. Morally and customarily, Xmas stands out as the paper writing help time for spiritual reflections, church attendance, forgiving enemies, resolutions for self betterment and self denial. Then again, exactly what is spotted is common dance parties and self aggrandizement. In this paper writing help situation, it happens to be nobody’s online business to dilemma the globe why it’s always active paper writing help gorging delectable pounds.

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Xmas – an paper writing help aged tradition that should be held or colossal internet marketing business for that business

Xmas is not the time for paper writing help professional pursuits. The Lord Jesus crafted it basic commercialism has no put within the church when he ejected on the temple hard earned cash changers and people paper writing help advertising animals for sacrifice. Nonetheless, Xmas certainly is the biggest commercial time across the world right away! paper writing help And no-one can even believe striving to vary this pattern!

These benefitting are paper writing help foods and cosmetics industries, resorts, decorators, property renovators, and plenty of a good deal more. Morally and traditionally, Christmas is definitely the paper writing help time for non secular reflections, church attendance, forgiving enemies, resolutions for self betterment and self denial. On the other hand, what the heck paper writing help is observed is common dance get-togethers and self aggrandizement. Within this paper writing help scenario, it can be nobody’s business enterprise to question the whole world why it happens to be chaotic paper writing help gorging delightful dollars.

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Techniques buy research papers online for Growing a small Corporation


Throughout the environment buy research papers online, several entrepreneurs research different ideas of tracking down practices buy research papers online for increasing enterprise strategies. If a business is a results, then an entrepreneur makes monumental gains. Having said that, have to the enterprise confront buy research papers online hardships, economical or if not, then the entrepreneur stand to get rid of a great deal of some investments. In this particular regard, the paper analyzes procedures taken by business people in growing their internet business buy research papers online ventures.

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Controlling World Terrorism

Controlling World Terrorism

Terrorism has existed in all elements on the environment all through heritage. Terrorists have wreaked havoc on an untold selection of harmless people young and old. It had been not right until September 11, 2001, even so, that the matter of terrorism experienced attained like a solid presence within the countrywide conscience of the Us, and subsequently the global conscience. Continue reading

Female Genital Mutilation order essay Follow in Abagusii Community of Kenya.


This essay paper discover order essay two groundwork executed on feminine genital mutilation (FGM) and its result. In particular reference is crafted for the Abagusii neighborhood of Kenya who inhibits in Nyamira and Kisii County from the western order essay a part of Kenya. The investigate performed via the World Health and wellbeing Group (WHO) enlightens the practice in lots of part of the planet. With the conclusions within the study done because of the Populace Council of Kenya on the subject of the Kenya Demographic order essay Well being Survey (KDHS) 2008/2009 in the two counties, indicate the exercise is legitimate and also girl toddler is usually afflicted. Mohamud, A., Ali N and Yinger N (1999)

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Managing International Terrorism

Managing International Terrorism

Terrorism has existed in all areas of the society during background. Terrorists have wreaked havoc on an untold quantity of innocent visitors. It had been not right up until September 11, 2001, then again, that the dilemma of terrorism had accomplished these a powerful existence while in the nationwide conscience within the United states of america, and subsequently the worldwide conscience. Continue reading

How To Set Up A Chemistry Lab Report

Making Lab Reports or Research Records

A scientific research report serves as a fundamental methods of conversation amid researchers and investigators. It will allow any person researcher or teams or researchers with a similar pursuits to mention their ?ndings and ideas making use of their peers with an well prepared and formal manner. The conventional lab reports lab report help you can expect to write as a possible undergraduate individual are modelled with the reports written and submitted by scientists, professors, coupled with other experts to a professional and scienti?c magazines. Continue reading