GEAC Meeting Minutes

In the recent past, from March 2013 in fact, the apex regulatory body of India, Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee (GEAC) in the Ministry of Environment, Forests & Climate Change (MoEFCC) has formally and expressly decided against putting out full minutes of their meetings pro-actively! This is quite unacceptable of course, as the regulatory decision-making here pertains to all of us, our food and environment as well as the livelihoods of millions of farmers and farm workers in India.

We have therefore decided to upload minutes obtained through RTI Act here for public information. These Minutes are from GEAC’s 117th meeting onwards.

117th meeting of GEAC

118th Meeting of GEAC

119th meeting of GEAC

120th meeting of GEAC

121st Meeting of GEAC (under the NDA government, on 18/7/2014)

122nd Meeting of GEAC (on 28/8/2014)

123rd Meeting of GEAC (on 27/2/2015)

124th Meeting of GEAC (on 3/9/2015)

125th Meeting of GEAC (on 11/12/2015: This version is from the regulators’ website and it is unclear if this is the full version)

126th Meeting of GEAC (on 04/01/2016: This version is abridged, from the regulators’ website meant for public consumption – members get another version!)

127th Meeting of GEAC (on 05/02/2016): This is an abridged version, from the regulators’ website, as can be seen from the fact that Agenda 4.1, 4.2 and 5 alone appear in these minutes). Another version of the Minutes as shared by the regulators in a CIC case is available here.

128th Meeting of GEAC (on 04/03/2016 – version shared by the regulators in a CIC case)

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