Why are Open Air Deliberate Releases of GMOs in the name of Field Trials a matter of concern?

We have uploaded a presentation here which is specifically around open air deliberate releases of new GMOs in the name of Field Trials. The larger question around all GMOs is of course there – that these are unneeded and unwanted. As Jairam Ramesh once put it, here is a technological solution, running around looking for a problem, and somehow make money in the process.

People often keep asking: how can you come in the way of scientific research? This presentation explains what these FTs actually represent, given the nature of technology, given the state of regulatory affairs and given the numerous case studies that have already showcased what is in store…..


4 thoughts on “Why are Open Air Deliberate Releases of GMOs in the name of Field Trials a matter of concern?

    1. we may end up with losing irrevocably all ancient genes of india’s varieties of bananas, rice and a large number of vegetables and grains
      our ancestors seem to have had an inkling of this pending disaster,when they forbade use of any food of non-indian genetic origin being used in the cooking for the ancient practice of annual srardha for our dead fathers /mothers and ancestrals// we are not allowed to use potato, tomato, onion,beetroot, carrots etc as they are foreign to indian soil till 15th century // but our pandits reject these from cooking for annual srardha ( sraddhaya dhattham ,srardham means that it is srardham which is cooked and served with devotional care to the priests who represent the ancest0rs on the annual day // ) N BALASUBRAMANIN 30 /8 /14

  1. When we speak of Growth for Nation, I am TRULY hoping that the present Govt means SUSTAINABLE Growth.. And UNDERSTANDs the Importance and implications of looking the other way, SPECIALLY when it comes to Food chain and Environmental issues.
    In these times of enlightenment when all the so called “developed” western countries are looking eastwards for a solution to the sustained problems they have created for the Environment and food production, It would be SHAMEFUL if we ourselves fail to look at the Importance and potency of Organic n Traditional farming.
    Myopic growth ideas cannot be the root cause of Long Term Self Inflicted Losses.
    its high time we learn through others mistakes rather than Risk the Mass Destruction Through the Masses that our Population Numbers enjoy!

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