Complaint to GEAC for GM Soybean LMO Import

This is our complaint letter to GEAC regarding GM soybean LMO import in India.




Shri Arun Kumar Mehta,

The Chairperson,

Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee (GEAC),

Ministry for Environment, Forest & Climate Change,

Indira Paryavaran Bhawan, Jor Bagh,

New Delhi – 110001

January 31st 2018


Subject: Urgent action demanded on illegal GM soybean (LMOs) being imported into India


Dear Sir,


Greetings! This is to bring to your attention apparent violations of the EPA 1989 Rules, with regard to GM soybean seeds being illegally imported into India, about which we would like to lodge a complaint, and demand swift action from the GEAC.


Data available in the public domain shows that some traders in India are importing soyabean seeds from countries which grow GM Soyabean for crushing and sowing. Please note that we are talking about Seed, which is a Living Organism, and if transgenic, a Living Modified Organism, which should not have any environmental release in India without adequate testing and clearance from regulators, if found safe.


We have been importing soy seeds from US and Ukraine, for instance. US is known to have mostly GM soyabean (94%) and Ukraine has had its soy exports been reported and cancelled by Russia for having GM contamination. Import of GM soyabean seeds has not been approved in India. The following evidence is what we present to you, to show that LMOs in the form of GM soy seeds are coming into India, with the regulators remaining unaware, or inactive, failing in the discharge of their responsibility.


1) USDA’s (US government) reports on export data indicate US exporting soybean seeds to India. The document states that US has exported 500 tons of soyabean to India in 2017-18 and 1200 tons of soyabean in 2016-17.

2) Another USDA document which states – “In recent years, India imported soybeans from Ethiopia, Benin, Ukraine, the United States, Nigeria, and Djibouti. Imports were mostly for food use and as also partly for seed.”


It is suspected that several consignments from GM soy producing countries are transferred mid-sea, and hence, the source and country of origin are obfuscated as well. Hence, officially stated source of origin of these ships would not be a clear indicator of the products being GM or non-GMO.


Details of imports during last few years as taken from DGFT website are given below –


Financial Year

Import of soyabean as seed for sowing, having HS Code 12011000 in Tons

Import of soyabean as seed for crushing having HS Code 12019000 in Tons

2017-18 (Apr-Oct)













This could explain the confirmed illegal cultivation of GM soybean in Gujarat in the recent past (see below) –


We write to you to demand that GEAC–


  1. Investigate the import, dissemination and environmental release of illegal LMOs in the form of GM soybean seeds, and take strict action on those flouting the rules.

  2. Ensure that any soyabean seed imports must be tested at the ports to ensure that they are non-GM in nature.


      Yours Sincerely,

      Kavitha Kuruganti (8880067772)


      Coalition for GM-Free India


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