Month: March 2016

Coalition shows how DMH-11 was made to look good and higher-yielding!

GM MUSTARD TESTING RIGGED FOR UNSCIENTIFIC DECISION-MAKING:  DMH-11 YIELDS 10.4% TO 27.5% LESS THAN OTHER EXTENSIVELY TESTED CULTIVARS! YOU CAN DOWNLOAD A PDF COPY OF THIS NOTE HERE. This note prepared by the Coalition for a GM-Free India is about the R&D and testing of University of Delhi South Campus (UDSC)’s transgenic mustard hybrid DMH-11, funded […]

GM Mustard Testing Rigged For Unscientific Decision-Making: DMH-11 YIELDS 10.4% TO 27.5% LESS THAN OTHER EXTENSIVELY TESTED CULTIVARS! Enormous Risks Being Pushed by Crop Developers & Regulators On The Basis Of Unfounded and Exaggerated Claims Of Benefits

New Delhi, March 10th 2016: Releasing data from rapeseed-mustard seed testing evaluations from the country, and comparing it with the results being presented and claimed with regard to the controversial transgenic mustard hybrid DMH-11, the Coalition for a GM-Free India along with independent scientists, stated that GM mustard testing has been actively rigged unscientifically to […]

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