State governments have not been in favour of GM mustard approval in India.

Some have formally written to the Union Government. The Centre, despite its talk about ‘federal polity’, had been ignoring the opposition from state governments on this matter.

Some have issued statements to media and others, as and when an opportunity arose.

Here, we bring share some letters, videos and media reports on this subject.

  1. Shri Nitish Kumar, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Bihar writes to (then) Union Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar, 18/01/2016
  2. Shri Nitish Kumar follows up with a letter to the Prime Minister on 6/10/2016, after GEAC’s sub-committee’s green signal
  3. Shri Nitish Kumar sends a letter to Late Shri Anil Madhav Dave, MoEFCC on 16/05/2016, after regulatory clearance by GEAC to GM mustard
  4. Shri Nitish Kumar’s speech on GM mustard in a JD(U) meeting


  1. Kerala Agriculture Minister writes to Union Agriculture Minister, 28/09/2016
  2. Kerala Legislative Assembly passes a unanimous resolution against GM mustard, first time in the history of any state assembly, 18/05/2017


  1. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister’s Memorandum to the Prime Minister, 19/12/2016 : Page 1 and Page 2


  1. Delhi Deputy Chief Minister’s letter to Prime Minister, 02/02/2016


  1. Rajasthan Agriculture Minister stating that Rajasthan will not allow any field trials of GM mustard/crops, 29/02/2016; CM “shuts door on GM seeds”


  1. Madhya Pradesh government rejects GM mustard (media byte by topmost bureaucrat in Agriculture, May 15th 2017)


  1. West Bengal government says NO to GM mustard cultivation


  1. Haryana government will not allow GM crop testing in the state” (though this report does not refer to GM mustard or commercialisation of GM crops, it was a development around the same time as Punjab government’s announcement on GM mustard)