GM Mustard: ExpertSpeak


(i) Dr Pushpa Bhargava, Supreme Court Appointee to GEAC

(ii) Dr P C Kesavan, Member, Supreme Court Technical Expert Committee in the GMOs PIL (WP 260/2005)

(iii) Dr Parthib Basu, Director, Centre for Pollination Studies, Calcutta University

(iv) Dr G V Ramanjaneyulu & Other Agriculture Scientists in Centre for Sustainable Agriculture (CSA), Hyderabad

(v) Dr Vandana Shiva, Navdanya

(vi) Dr Rajinder Chaudhary, Former Economics Professor, MDU, Rohtak

(vii) Kapil Shah, MSc. Plant Genetics & Breeding, Jatan Trust, Vadodara

(viii) Murali Apparaju, Pharma/Biotech Industry Professional

(ix) Kavitha Kuruganti, Convenor, Alliance for Sustainable & Holistic Agriculture (ASHA)

(x) Dr V S Vijayan, Salim Ali Foundation and Former Chair, Kerala State Biodiversity Board

Dr Anthony Samsel interviewed about Glufosinate, by Tony Mitra

Presentations of eight experts to the GEAC on July 18th 2016. Minutes of this Special meeting. Subsequent analyses on parental lines.

Opinion Pieces & Analyses

1. जीएम सरसों का सच: Devinder Sharma, Amar Ujala

2. Test the mustard: Suman Sahai, Deccan Chronicle

3. It is time for new Swadeshi battle: Vandana Shiva, Deccan Chronicle

4. Conspiracy against mustard: Devinder Sharma, DNA India

5. GM Mustard in India – Five unanswered questions: Gilles Eric Seralini, Indian Express

6. Not simply a vision thing: Pankaj Sheksaria, Naveen Thayyil. The Hindu

7. Other environmental concerns apart, GM mustard could also send bees buzzing away: Parthib Basu, Scroll

8. Seeds of Discontent: Aniket Aga, The Hindu

9. Improving India’s oilseeds production: Kavitha Kuruganti, Down To Earth

10. Messing with Mustard: Tushar Chakraborty, The Statesman

11. No party, state favours GM Mustard: Interview with Kavita Kuruganti, The Week

12. Isn’t the GM mustard debate about a junk variety?: Devinder Sharma

13. Beyond Ideology, Why Scientists Disagree on GM Mustard: Mridula Chari, Scroll

14. Why does India need GM mustard at all?: Devinder Sharma, Biospectrum India

15. The success of this GM Tech depends on numerous unanswered questions: Rajshree Chanda, The Wire

16. Cotton, Mustard – two GM debates: Vijay Chauthaiwale, The Indian Express

17. Long Term Effects of GM Mustard Have Not Been Studied- Biologist: Interview with Gilles Eric Seralini, Business Standard

18. Despite CIC push, why is the government hiding data on GM mustard?: KumKum Dasgupta, Hindustan Times

19. Government hiding GM crops’ data because it knows it’s rigged: Interview with Kavitha Kuruganti, Catch News

20. Do we really need GM mustard in India?: A K Ghosh, Down To Earth–52159

21. Lower Yields and Agro-Poisons – what is the point of GM mustard in India?: Colin Todhunter, CounterCurrents

22. Indian farmers are not ready for GM Mustard: Dr Saradhi Interview

23. Biosafety assessment of GM Mustard: Dr Saradhi Interview (Part 2)

24. Do Indian Farmers Really Need GM Mustard?: Mukti Sadhan Basu, LinkedIn

25. Much Ado About Mustard: Padmapriya Govindarajan, The Diplomat

26. GM mustard stays off the table in India, activists allege trial data was rigged: Opinion in Scroll

27. Lack of Scientific Temper: DNA Editorial

28. GM mustard no solution – Govt policies destroyed oilseed farmers & industry: Nihar Gokale, CatchNews

29. Wider Implications of GM mustard can be dangerous: Bharat Dogra, Mainstream Weekly

http://www.mainstreamweekly. net/article6679.html

30. GM Mustard – Of the lack of transparency and confidentiality of biosafety data: Inika Charles, SpicyIP gm-mustard-of-the-lack-of- transparency-and- confidentiality-of-biosafety- data.html

31. How long does the safety label hold good?: Bhavdeep Kang, The FreePress Journal

http://www.freepressjournal. in/analysis/green-signal-by- science-to-genetically- modified-mustard-bhavdeep- kang/922545

32. Why we should oppose GM Mustard (Tamil article): Ramaswamy Selvam, Vikatan india/68113-why-should-we-

33. Why we should say No to GM Mustard (Tamil article): Ananthasayanan, Dinamalar news_detail.asp?id=1607694



a. Sarson Satyagraha letter to Prime Minister, October 25th 2016

b. Major farmer unions reject GM mustard, February 2016

c. Bhartiya Kisan Sangh statement demanding ban on GM mustard and investigation into GEAC

d. Organic Farming Association of India letter to Agriculture Minister

e. Confederation of Beekeeping Industry, India’s letter to Prime Minister

f. Kisan Ekta resolution on GM mustard

g. All major civil society movements, scientists and others write to MOEFCC, copy PM, on GM mustard’s faulty appraisal and public consultation processes and other matters

h. Retired SC Judges and senior bureacrats ask for review of GM mustard appraisal process

i. All India Kisan Sabha (CPIM) statement on GM Mustard

j. Indian People’s Theatre Association (IPTA)’s resolution against GM Mustard

k. CPI ML New Democracy’s Statement against GM Mustard

l. Paschim Banga Vigyan Manch Statement against GM Mustard



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