Month: June 2015

Delhi University’s GM Mustard: Learn More Here

BRIEFING PAPERS The Coalition for a GM-Free India, after putting out a Briefing Paper on Delhi University’s GM Mustard in June 2015 has now revised it based on RTI information received. You can download a Revised Briefing Paper (July 2015) in english here. A hindi version of the briefing paper is available here: दिल्ली विश्वविद्यालय का जीन […]

GM Free Coalition warns the GEAC against Genetically Modified (GM) MUSTARD commercialization

New Delhi, June 17, 2015: “Bt Brinjal then, GM Mustard now – will GEAC repeat the mistake of thrusting Genetically Modified food onto our plates? We will strongly oppose any attempt to approve commercialization of GM mustard,” warned the Coalition for GM Free India. The Coalition while releasing a Briefing Paper on Delhi University’s GM […]

Coalition letter urging GEAC to take action on serious biosafety violations

To Shri Hem Pande, Chairperson, GEAC. Dear Shri Hem Pande, Sub: Biosafety violations which require immediate action for fixing liability, by GEAC – Reg. Greetings! This is to bring to your notice two apparent violations of biosafety norms, guidelines and EPA Rules and demand that you take immediate action to investigate and fix liability for […]

Maharashtra suspends GM crop field trials

We understand from media reports today that the Chief Minister of Maharashtra has  forwarded citizens’  concerns and objections to the State Level Committee looking into the matter of NOCs for GM (Genetically Modified) crop field trials, and had ordered for suspension of trials till the objections are addressed. As signatories, along with a cross section […]

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